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General Malaise is a high ranking general from the U.S. army who made an appearance in the series final of Season 3 of Dog With a Blog.


Not much is known about him other than he's in the U.S. army. Before his introduction, General Malaise was secretly forming an army of dogs. He also wasted five years and $4 trillion perfecting camouflage poop bags.

When he heard of Colonel Fink having talking dogs, he and the army had jurisdiction of Fink's operation. General Malaise and the army will be using Stan to breed a commando force of talking dogs, which will have the unique ability to infiltrate behind enemy lines, that's until Doctor Ian Calloway had jurisdiction over them.


  • He's a four-star general.
  • He and his army wasted five years and $4 trillion perfecting camouflage poop bags for their secret dog army.
  • In the series final, he was credited as General.
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