General Chow is the main antagonist in the Dinosaurs episode "When Food Goes Bad".

An angry cat-like mammal, Chow is the leader of the revolting food, accompanied by his friend and lieutenant Cabby. Chow the Merciless, also known as Chow the Delicious, is bitter from the time he spent trapped behind a wedge of Gouda in the cheese bin. He has a fork as a prosthetic hand and wears a soup cracker as an eye-patch.

Chow and his troops lure Baby Sinclair into opening the fridge and run amok after escaping. Chow reintroduces himself to Charlene (who remembers eating Chow's hand) and tells her that they have Baby hostage. Chow and his troops scatter when Robbie turns the lights on after coming home from the mini golf course, and Charlene tells her brother what's happened. When the teenagers go to look for their little brother, they are subdued by Chow's troops and captured.

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