Gemini (real name Sheldon Director)[1] is a minor antagonist in the show Kim Possible.


Gemini is the leader of the W.E.E. (Worldwide Evil Empire), and also the evil fraternal twin of Global Justice's leader, Betty Director. Gemini is the older twin by 4 minutes. He always resented his sister because she didn't give him the proper respect as the older sibling. He owns a little pet chihuahua dog named Pepe.


Gemini wears a gauntlet that is capable of firing missiles from the fingertips. The payloads vary from explosives to self-guided ammunition. The gauntlet reloads the missiles from an unknown internal source. The gauntlet is also capable of releasing electric shocks powerful enough to render a person unconscious, including himself.


  • Gemini gets his name from the Zodiac sign Gemini, which is Latin for "twins," which is fitting due to him being one. His name may mean that he was born sometime between May 21 and June 21, when Geminis are born. This could mean he and Betty Director could have their birthday close to Kim's, since she was born in May. 


  • "The Ron Factor"
  • "Grande Size Me" (cameo)