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Gavin is a character who appears in the Sofia the First episode "The Secret Library" as the secondary antagonist.



As Prince Roderick's stable master, Gavin is a very hard worker who has made the Royal Stables of Borrea the best in the world. He is very loyal to Prince Roderick to the point where he always does as the Prince commands. He is also shown to have a stronger sense of morality than his boss as shown when he asks Roderick "Shouldn't we let the runt go?"

Role in the Series

Gavin is Prince Roderick's stable master. His boss depends on him for everything especially caring for Borrea's Royal Stable and it's flying horses.

He first appears with Prince Roderick when they enter the stable and find Princess Sofia of Enchancia and her Aunt Tilly there. The pair reveals they are there to free Mazzimo and, after tripping the pair up, they do so and fly away. Roderick doesn't want to lose such a fine horse so he and Gavin give chase and capture Mazzimo and Sofia's flying horse Minimus. Gavin tells Roderick they should let Minimus go but Roderick refuses and states: "No. Let's keep him. Teach that little Princess a lesson." After securing the pair, Gavin and his boss fly back to Borrea Castle. Suddenly, they are intercepted by Sofia who unseats Roderick off his horse who flies off. Gavin goes after Roderick to help him. He is last seen telling Roderick "Looks like we're walking Sire." after his own horse flies off.

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