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GO-4 is the secondary antagonist in WALL-E. He is one of AUTO's minions.


GO-4 ("Gopher") units are robots built by the BnL Corporation tasked with overseeing security aboard spacecraft, as well as handling miscellaneous other tasks. One of them is a villain in the film, which is accidentally killed when it is flung out a window.


They're quite small, and easily recognizable due to the red police light atop their bodies.

Bio in the film[]

A GO-4 unit served aboard the Axiom as the Captain B. McCrea's first mate.


It seems to be a pun on both "Gopher" and "Go for"


  • GO-4 is the 1st Pixar minion and villain to fall to his death.
  • When GO-4 is sent flying out of the window, he makes a whistling sound and a smash sound very similar to the sound Wile E. Coyote makes when falling off a cliff in Looney Tunes.