"GICU-2" 'is a security robot character in the TV series DuckTales. It was created by Gyro Gearloose and its sole appearance is in Super DuckTales, specifically the episodes "Frozen Assets" and "Full Metal Duck". 

Role in the Series[]

After having a terrible time keeping his fortune out of the hands of the Beagle Boys, Scrooge McDuck seeks aid from his inventor friend Gyro Gearloose. Though busy with his own personal projects, Gyro agrees and builds a security robot capable of disguising itself as a van.

At the grand debut, Gyro initializes GICU-2 and mentions that the machine is now fully automatic, adding that there is no further need for the remote control. However, GICU-2 immediately sees the discarded device as an intruder and destroys it. To make matters worse, it views everyone in sight as a threat, including Scrooge himself.

Gyro looks to make amends by creating a robotic suit, which manages to fall under the control of Fenton Crackshell. Fenton, as Gizmoduck, reluctantly accepts Scrooge's request to get rid of the rogue robot. Having minimal success, Gizmoduck decides to push all of his buttons as a final resort, causing his suit to balloon out. This makes the perfect target for GICU-2, now having transformed into a crane, to use its wrecking ball on. However, after being launched into the sky, Gizmoduck comes crashing down onto the overzealous menace, destroying it for good.