Fungi is an antagonistic vervet monkey who works for Tublat from The Legend of Tarzan. He appears in the episode "Tarzan and the Enemy Within".

Role in the series

The Legend of Tarzan

"Tarzan and the Enemy Within"

Fungi is first seen when he lets Gobu know that his leader, who is later revealed to be Tublat, is impatiently waiting for him. Gobu insists that these things take time and Fungi tells him that he's wanted back home and then leaves. He later returns and sees that Gobu decides to join Tarzan's family. He warns the gorilla what would happen to his own family, Gobu reluctantly decides to go back, with Tarzan accompanying him.

Fungi is later seen with Tublat as he is shown to be the leader of Gobu's family. When Tublat gets defeated, Fungi sees Gobu's family glaring at him, implying that they want him banished as well, making the vervet monkey run away.

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