Fun Meal Buzz is the former main antagonist of the Toy Story

Toons episode "Small Fry".

He is a smallest version of the space ranger toy "Buzz Lightyear". According to Woody, he is about 3 inches.


He is a childish and turbulent toy that only expects a child to play with him. Then, when Bonnie will go to the Poultry Palace with toys, Fun Meal Buzz will take the place of the current Buzz.

This one will be left in the ball pan and stuck in the restaurant. Fun Meal Buzz then returns to Bonnie's house and introduces himself to the toys of the room. Woody bored by his behavior is going to find out what happened to his friend.

While Buzz meets the group of Discarded Fun Meal toys, the tiny Buzz skates in Bonnie's room waiting for us to play with him. While Woody comes to see him for questioning, Fun Meal Buzz takes his hat and slaps Hamm in the back. The cowboy then jumps on him and ties him with string to a tube of glue.

Bonnie's toys come up with a plan to save Buzz but he shows up, revealing that he has managed to escape.

He then takes Fun Meal Buzz to the group of abandoned toys where Buzz will be his "sponsor".

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