The Guards are Claude Frollo's minions and the supporting antagonists in the 1996 film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Some of them are seen when they arrest Quasimodo's father for being a gypsy. Others are also seen at the Festival of Fools where they cause the crowd of people to turn on Quasimodo, who was crowned the new King of Fools. The guards do this by throwing tomatoes at him. Phoebus was disgusted at this decides to help him and begs Frollo to stop it but Frollo refuses. Frollo sees Esmeralda trying to free Quasimodo from the ropes the mob tied him up and she did. Then the guards throw tomatoes at Frollo. Humiliated Frollo got on his horse while the crowd throws vegetables at him.

Esmeralda is found and arrested. Frollo orders guards at every door of the cathedral to ensure that there is no escape for Esmeralda. This plan fails because Quasimodo helps Esmeralda escape without the guards noticing. A guard informs Frollo that the gypsy has escaped and is nowhere to be found the cathedral. Frollo sends him away. Rudely, Frollo goes mad and accuses people of being in league with gypsies, ordering arrest warrants. Frollo then orders the guards to execute their captain Phoebus for freeing the prisoners from burning that were in a house. Phoebus is rescued by Esmeralda, unknown to Frollo who saw him fall into the water.

Frollo orders the search for Esmeralda. Frollo tricks Quasimodo into leading him to the place of the gypsies. The gypsies are arrested by the guards. Then the guards, the heroes, the townspeople, whom Phoebus has rallied, including him and Quasi, who have escaped their prison, and the gargoyle friends, later are fighting and aided by the French army. The guards try to flee but Frollo orders some guards to break down the door but are unsuccessful and defeated; they are last seen watching Frollo fight Quasimodo on the balcony of the bell tower. After Frollo's death they surrendered to the French army and are arrested.

They reform with Phoebus in The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. They help him search for Sarousch, and then they arrest Sarousch.

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