Franz Nukid is a one-time character from the Disney XD series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Nukid on the Block".

Role in the episode[]

Willem Viceroy built Franz with the cuteness of a bunny, the naivety of a koala, and the wiliness of a weasel. Posing as an exchange student, he infiltrated Norrisville High to record voice samples using the microphone built into his index finger. These recordings would then be used to find the Ninja's identity.

Franz first shows up in baking class, greeting the students cheerily, and asking them to say "Hello". After Randy consults the NinjaNomicon, he finds that Franz has taken his place as Howard's friend. Everyone but Randy falls for Franz' façade (even Bash Johnson) and starts saying "Hello". When Randy confronts Franz and explains his friendship with Howard, he tells Nukid to play his game elsewhere. Doing so enables Franz to match Randy's voice with a recording of the Ninja, figuring out the Ninja's identity.

A band of Chainsaw werewolves is deployed to fetch Franz, but Randy destroys two of them and melts the third with a batch of hot chili. The chili splashes on Franz, causing him to cover his face. When he turns toward Randy, the chili has melted off the right side of his face and exposed his internal mechanisms. Franz then proceeds to overwhelm Randy, all the while downloading the data he collected. Howard manages to whack Franz with a lunch tray and turn the robot's attention to him. As Franz advances on Howard, Randy wraps his scarf around the machine and throws him into a steaming vat of chili. Franz melts away into the brew, disintegrating before the downloading can be completed.


  • Franz Nukid's parts make an appearance in the episode "Escape from Scrap City", but are nonfunctional.