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Franklin "Frank" Albert Bickle is a character and antagonist in Kickin' It.


He is a dim-witted member of the Black Dragons. It is shown that he can break at least one board (maybe more). He lost to Milton at a tournament and got a nipple twister from him, resulting in the Wasabi Warriors losing their second belt in disqualification. Also in the first episode, Sensei Ty told him to break Jack's leg, then got kicked out by his own sensei after doing so.

Frank tends to hang around Sensei Ty due to the fact that he is the closest person to Frank's age group. He is known to not be very street smart or book smart. This shows in Clash of the Titans when Jack states that Frank is 19 and still in the seventh grade, which shows that he isn't all that smart. He is also known to have a little sister (Boo Gi Nights). He lives with his mother and his sister and has some pet cats.

He has a crush on Kim Crawford, saying he likes how her hair smells and wanting to hug her. However in The Wrath of Swan, he tried to sabotage her along with the rest of the Black Dragons for quitting on them and joining the "loser" and enemy dojo of their's. He also again tried to ask Kim to the ball in Jack Stands Alone to which she denied. In Win, Lose or Ty he shares a locker with Kim and acts as though they're married.

Frank is known to strongly hate Jack because of karate, but is also very afraid of him throughout many episodes.