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Forty Thieves

Sa'luk and his forty thieves

The Forty Thieves are the secondary antagonists in the 1996 film, Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Their former leader was Aladdin's father Cassim, but they later joined Sa'luk.

Role in the film[]

The Forty Thieves are seen first in baskets made of wood tugged by elephants. Then later they ruin Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding, stealing gifts and searching for the tool that can be used to find the Hand of Midas. They are all defeated by Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie, and they escape back to their lair. Sa'luk and the other thieves complain about not getting their treasure. They want to kill Aladdin when he comes, but Cassim, the leader of the gang, suggests that Aladdin, his son as he soon finds out after the gift he saw which his wife has given Alddin, faces a challenge against Sa'luk.

Afater Sa'luk is seeemingly defeated and dead, the thieves and Cassim welcome Aladddin to their team by singing "Welcome to the Forty Thieves". Sa'luk is alive however and turns 33 of the thieves in to the guards of Agrabah. The thieves swear revenge against Sa'luk for "sellling them out". Sa'luk closes the prison door and is angry that Razoul, the head of the guards did not capture the King of Thieves.

Razoul finds Cassim and arrests him and Iago the parrot. Sa'luk reveals himself alive to the rest of the remaining thieves. Sa'luk tricks the thieves into thinking Cassim betrayed them. They turn on Cssim and capture him when he escaped. Sa'luk forces him to ask the Oracle a question about where the Hand of Midas is.

This works. Iago escapes from the thieves and goes to tell Aladdin and friends. They find the thieves and battle them. They are last seen on their ship sinking when the Hand of Midas turned it into solid gold. Their fate is unknown. They could have survived by swimming to shore like Sa'luk once did.


Like Sa'luk, they take pleasure in weapons and stealing and killing. They have incredible strength as they defeat the guards until later are captured (expect 8 including Saluk) offscreen by surprise.


  • They are the second minons of thieves in the Aladdin movies. The first were the minions of Abis Mal. The two groups share similarities.
    • Both use swords to fight.
    • Both later turn on their master due to not getting their wanted treasure.