Foote is a Fineville animal shelter staff in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.


Foote appears in the Fineville Animal shelter bringing Shadow and a panicking Chance inside, while Sassy escapes. Foote calls out Sassy while holding a net, but he can't find her (with her also sarcastically repeating his "here, kitty kitty kitty" calls before refusing and insulting him) and goes inside and watch TV. Sassy sneaks inside (also sarcastically encouraging him to eat his donut while insulting his weight while passing by unnoticed) and finds Shadow in a cage and frees him and then goes to find Chance who was been medically treated due to his muzzle got pinned by a porcupine earlier. As Shadow and Sassy are discussing how to free him, Foote runs over to the cages area of the pound in order to yell at the occupants to keep quiet (as the dogs were barking excessively), but then notices Sassy and demanded to know how she got inside, Sassy then runs past him to distract him, giving chase, although not before making sure he told Shadow that he will be back for him. Sassy distracts Foote, while Shadow goes to free Chance now quill-free and rescue Sassy who gets capture by Foote, but Chance and Shadow tackle him twice, freeing Sassy and they escape through the backyard while Foote is forced to find his boss, Rookwood, presumably to inform him of the situation. Foote grabs a net and chases after them, grabs Chance due to his collar stuck between the fence. But Shadow leaps near the fence with a growl starting Foote, causing him to lose his balance allowing Chance to escape just as another animal shelter staff Kirkwood arrives to assist him. They watch helplessly Chance, Shadow and Sassy escaping without realizing that their owners the Seavers are on their way to pick them.

Foote was not seen afterward, assumed he informed the Seavers who just arrive that they escaped and he and the other staff apologizes to the Seavers for failing to stop Chance, Shadow, and Sassy from escaping.