Treasure Planet Pirates
Flint's Pirates are minor antagonists in Treasure Planet. They are Flint's minions.


The pirates were first seen with notorious Captain Nathaniel Flint, who was their most feared captain of all of his pirates. When Flint orders his pirates to fire upon their quarry, they initially open their gun ports for using their cannons to destroy the tremendous Arcturian merchant ship, which will make the people feel afraid after the lights were blown out everywhere. Like a Candarian zaftwing overtaking its prey, Flint and his band of renegades mysteriously swooped in out of nowhere. When two of the pirates start to open Flint's treasure chest, they dump all of the gold and jewels out of his treasure chest, so he can keep his remunerative treasure safe. When the Arcturian merchant ship has a lot of flames, the pirates supposedly burn to their apparent deaths after the pillaging was over.

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