The Fly Brothers and Thud are minor antagonists in the 1998 Pixar film, A Bug's Life.


A Bug's Life[]

In the film, while sitting in the audience at P.T. Flea's circus and heckling the performance, the Fly Brothers mistakenly flirt with Francis, believing him to be a girl. Annoyed by this, Francis furiously picks a fight with them, angrily saying that "Judging by their breath, they must had been buzzing around a dung heap all day!".

The Fly Brothers and the other flies enjoy P.T.'s Flaming Death act, especially when it went completely wrong and P.T. was set alight (even a fly saying, "Burn him again!").

The flies later found Francis and the other fired Circus Bugs at the Bug Bar in the city looking for payback, and they brought a fly named Thud along with them. Francis tries to get rid of them by playing a Robin Hood act with Francis (as Robin Hood), Slim (as a sword) and Heimlich (as Little John), but they didn't fall for it. However, Flik, who was in the bar looking for warriors, saw this as a sign that they were real and invited them to go to Ant Island (but didn't see the whole incident because he was forced outside by the crowd).

The Fly Brothers and Thud were last seen waking up after being unconscious as the Circus Bugs quickly went with Flik to escape an inevitable beating from them.


  • Thud is a boss character in A Bug's Life: The Video Game.