The Fire Women are among Chernabog's minions the minor antagonists in the 1940 Disney animated film Fantasia. Their fate is getting transformed into various creatures, much to Chernabog's delight.



After dropping a handful of demons in fire, Chernabog reaches into the flames and pulls out a small amount of fire that remains on his right palm. With his left hand, he makes conjuring gestures, and three women with long flowing hair form out of the flames.

The women get up and start to dance. Chernabog observes them, then makes a sudden gesture at them. The women stiffen briefly before transforming into three animals: the one on the left becomes a purple pig, the one in the middle a blue hyena and the one on the right a red ram. Chernabog looks at them and smiles approvingly.

The pig, hyena and ram dance, stagger clumsily on their hind legs, and collide with each other, vanishing in a cloud of smoke and transforming into five blue lizard-like imps. They crawl over Chernabog's hand as he rotates it, watching them struggle to remain on it, before finally crushing them as flames appear below his hand.

Finally, Chernabog opens his hand again to reveal blue flames, with the flames in turn condensing into five demons with horns, tails, and goat's legs. They resume their dancing for Chernabog's pleasure.

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