Facilier's Shadow is the tertiary antagonist in the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog.

As the shadow of Dr. Facilier, it is completley loyal to him, and even reflecting his mood in certain points: like making fun of Lawrence's clumsiness, biting its nails, when Facilier starts to worry about what would happen if Naveen wasn't found, and etc.

Despite being somewhat one of Facilier's "Friends on the Other Side", it has no association with them, and especially fears the fate it and Facilier will face if he fails to pay back his debt. But when Tiana destroys his talisman the voodoo doctor and his Shadow are dragged into the voodoo spirit world.

It doesn't always keep the shape of it's master, like when it became a snake during the song.

Role in the film[]

Facilier's Shadow first appears early in the movie, helping his master doing his shady business. They soon become interested in money, wishing to get all of Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff's money. The two hatch a plan and turn Prince Naveen into a frog, while using a magical talisman that Facilier's 'Friends on the Other Side' gave to him in order to transform Lawrence (Naveen's former butler) into a look-a-like of Naveen himself. While Lawrence looks like Naveen, they plan to marry Eli La Bouff's daughter and kill him, so they can take the money.

Later, Naveen (as a frog) escapes, along with Tiana, who is also a frog. Facilier argues with Lawrence, and the Shadow shows visible worry. Soon after, Naveen's blood in the talisman runs out and Lawrence turns back into his original form. The Shadow and Facilier go to the "Friends" and make a deal: the Friends send an army of Shadow Demons to find Naveen in return for all the souls in New Orleans. The demons find Naveen and return him to Facilier. They use his blood to refill the talisman and transform Lawrence back into Naveen. Later that night, Charlotte La Bouff (who thinks that Lawrence is the real Naveen) and Lawrence (as Naveen) are going to get married. Facilier and the Shadow prepare to kill Eli La Bouff and take the fortune.

However, Naveen escapes his imprisonment in a box and takes the talisman from Lawrence. The two run into the nearby church and lock themselves in. As Facilier and the Shadow arrive, Naveen hands the talisman to a firefly named Ray. Facilier and his Shadow pursue, along with the other shadow demons while Naveen and Lawrence are trapped in the church. Ray hands the talisman to another human-turned-frog named Tiana. As Tiana runs, Ray destroys several shadow demons, only for Facilier to step on him and continue chasing. As Tiana runs into a graveyard, Facilier's Shadow corners her. Tiana threatens to break the talisman, much to the shadow and the other demons' fear, prompting Facilier to quickly strike a deal.

Facilier transforms Tiana back into a human and creates a vision of her dream restaurant. He tries to persuade Tiana to give him the talisman back but she denies. Tiana throws the talisman onto the ground but the Shadow catches it and hands it to Facilier. As the vision fades away, Tiana transforms back into a frog and is pinned onto the ground by Facilier's cane. However, she uses her frog tongue to snatch the talisman out of his hand. The Shadow is too slow to do anything about it and Tiana smashes the talisman. Facilier instantly breaks into panic as the "Friends" arrive, announcing their intentions to take his soul as a punishment for failing. Facilier pleads for his life but his friends do not listen. Facilier and his Shadow attempt to escape the graveyard. However, the Shadow gets distracted as he watches Facilier run away and a Shadow Demon's hand appears and grabs Facilier's Shadow by the leg, dragging him down along with Facilier.

As the witch doctor pleads for his life, he and his Shadow are pulled through a portal and into the Voodoo Spirit World, where his soul will lie in torment.