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The Executioner is a silent man who appeared in Fort Charles in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Movie Apperances[]

Curse of the Black Pearl[]

The executioner only made a brief appearance when he appears hearing the Port Royal clerk sentencing Jack Sparrow's crimes. Next, the executioner used his axe to cut the rope, making Jack be hung. Will Turner begins to fight the executioner to save Jack and is never seen again.

At World's End[]

The executioner made a very brief appearance in the prison scene. The cabin boy and other prisoners are killed by him. It is unknown what happened to him near the end of the film.

Videogame Appearances[]

At World's End[]

The executioners act as tough enemies in the first level of the game. To defeat him, use your special attacks, since your common attacks don't work against him. Executioners are never seen again when Jack and Captain Teague escape.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game[]

The executioner has only appeared in the handheld versions of Disney's LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game. You can find his character token both modes in the Isla de Pelegostos level of the game.