Evil Buzz Lightyear is a villain in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command TV series. He comes from an alternate universe, where he, instead of Zurg, is the Evil Emperor, and has complete control over the galaxy. He is probably even more evil than Zurg himself. His first appearance is in the episode "The Lightyear Factor." When one of Zurg's brain pods opened a portal to the alternate universe, Evil Buzz came back through with Zurg and they attempted to destroy Star Command; however, they were foiled by the good Buzz Lightyear. In a subsequent episode "Sunquake," Evil Buzz has teamed up with Gravitina and constructed a heat-proof base just above the sun's surface, from which to use Gravitina's powers to shoot solar flares at Star Command, Capital Planet, and wherever else they feel like. Good Buzz and Mira Nova set the station to fall into the sun, and Evil Buzz makes a run for his ship, preparing to abandon Gravitina along with Buzz and Mira. Before he can, however, the floor splits under him, and he falls into the sun. He should presumably die as a result, but at the end, he is shown to escape, although how he achieved that isn't explained, and he isn't seen again afterwards. Because of this, however, it can be assumed that he survived somehow.

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