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Erwillian is a minor villain from the animated series "Adventures of the Gummi Bears".

He was originally a highwayman who hid in the forest waiting for people to mug. Meanwhile, Cubbi Gummi, who had recently been commissioned a knight of Dunwyn, was also in the forest considering himself "the unseen defender of Dunwyn". When a metal clanking was heard and a shadowy figure appeared, Cubbi thought it was an enemy knight at first, but then the moonlight revealed this to be an old man with a sack full of scrap metal. However, Erwillian jumped out of the bushes and demanded the old man hand over all his money. The man did so, by emptying his sack of scrap metal, which displeased the robber. Cubbi drank some Gummiberry juice and bounced to distract Erwillian, and ended up bonking him on the head. The old man proclaimed a miracle, and proceeded onto Dunwyn Castle, where news spread of him being saved by a "Crimson Avenger" (the only good look he got at Cubbi were his red footy pyjamas he was wearing). Cubbi decides to play on this and makes himself a sharper looking outfit with a broad hat akin to the Scarlett Pimpernell.

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