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Endarno is a character and antagonist from the W.I.T.C.H. franchise.


He played a major role during the Trial of the Oracle, and was the cause of Oracle's banishment. People took his side during the Trial because of his reasons for blaming the previous Oracle. He protested that the Guardians he chose did not run their tasks as asked. Will and the other Guardians do not refer to him as the Oracle, but instead call him by his name. The Council of Kandrakar calls him Endarno the Wise. He is the Guardians' biggest villain so far, since he is doing everything to get rid of the Guardians, as he sees Will and her friends as being incompetent. He despises other people who remain loyal and faithful to the previous Oracle Himerish, such as Tibor and Yan Lin. Currently he is showing signs of Phobos' attitude and behavior in the past. It is shown that Phobos switched his mind with Endarno's with the negative emotions he felt. The minds are switched back to their respective bodies once Phobos is defeated.

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