Emperor Awesome2

Emperor Awesome is a recurring antagonist of the Disney Channel/Disney XD series, Wander Over Yonder. He is a shark-headed alien that is one of Lord Hater's rivals in taking over the galaxy. He debuts in "The Picnic" and he is voiced by Sam Riegel.


Emperor Awesome is a large, musclebound, shark-headed alien with a secret fat stomach, a blue shirt and magenta pants. He has a crown uptop his head and he has a purple robe with white and black polka-dot adornments on them. Additionaly, he wears a spiked belt and white boots with black fingerless gloves.

Emperor Awesome is greedy, snarky and arrogant like most of the other villains in the series. Most of his tyrannical crimes involve using beats and tunes, which he uses to his advantage. His tunes are powerful enough to cause and earthquake on an entire planet, as shown in one episode. His main rival is Lord Hater, and is considered a better villain than him, which he always boasts about in front of him. He also has a crush on Wander's steed Sylvia, who often denies his advances toward her.