Elliot, Amy, and Kurt are three young mischievous Sorcerers who appear in the Sofia the First episode "Substitute Cedric" as main antagonists and they're all students of Hexley Hall, the Sorcery School Cedric attended, and enjoy using their magic to cause mischief and mayhem.

Role in the Series

According to James and Amber, the students from Hexley Hall come every year and play magical pranks at Royal Prep that leaves the school in disarray for months, and the tricks they do are far from harmless and they show no respect toward anyone, not even their elders, unless its to compliment someone in the trio, for performing a dangerous spell for their "pranks".

When Cedric stepped in as a substitute teacher, the three sorcerers, Elliot, Amy, and Kurt showed up and began to wreak havoc upon the school. They were eventually banished by Cedric and the students after they pulled pranks like defacing the portraits with mustaches, turning the dance floor into a trampoline, and filling the school with bubbles to make it float. Luckily, they are defeated by Sofia, who forces them to give up pranking Royal Prep forever.


  • The pranksters are named after the late singers Elliot Smith, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse.
  • The spells performed by the trio include Floatzipa (making people, including themselves, float), a spell to put Sir Gillian into the Clock Tower, a spell to produce bubbles in the hope they would make Royal Prep float high enough for everyone at Hexley Hall to see it, and throwing Cedric's sticking spell back at him.
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