The Elephant Trumpeters are the supporting antagonists in Robin Hood (Animal Style). they act as trumpeters in Prince John's parade.


They first appear parading for Prince John. Two elephants drag Prince Johns royal carriage along the field for him. Little John refers to them when he calls Prince Johns company a 'Penut Opperation'. After Robin Hood robs Prince John ,the same two elephants from before appear to drag the carriage along when Prince John orders them and the Rhinos to pursue Robin Hood. They fail as their king falls out the carriage and into the mud. Some more elephants appear to march along to open the Archery Contest. A few also act as musicians to celebrate important things in the contest. In the process, they accidentally blow Sir hiss away. In the Archery battle scene, a pair of elephants are watching from a tower. They fall out due to a group of guards (who were blinded by a tent) crashing into their tower. When the elephants land, one attempts to warn the other guards, but Lady Kluck the chicken stops her before she can trumpet. They are'nt seen for the rest of the film.


The scene where an Elephant Trumpeter tries to trumpet a warning before Lady Kluck stops her is recycled animation from The Jungle Book, where an elephant randomly trumpets before being stopped by the elephant leader Colonel Hathi.

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