El Khatib (or Shadow Walkers) are magical beasts resembling wingless gargoyles that appear in the television series Aladdin, in the episode "The Lost Ones".


Fearsome creatures that appear every seven years during three nights on which a full moon is in the sky, the El Khatib are dreaded servants of the evil entity Mirage. They have the ability to open portals to and from the Shadow Realm with their claws, making them able to teleport instantly across vast distances, and their thick hides are strong enough that Genie's spells had almost if not no visible effect on them. They are also immortal, so long as they do not encounter sunlight, which will kill them. Mirage sends them to capture more children to turn into El Khatib. Children that make the best El Khatib are those with evil in their hearts, like Wahid and Amal, both of whom became El Khatib. When Aladdin and his friends began investigating into the El Khatib's attacks, Amal confronted them, revealing to Aladdin what he had become, and what Wahid was also becoming. When Aladdin found and confronted Mirage, he revealed to Wahid that the true cost of being an El Khatib was serving Mirage for all time and never walking the earth for more than three nights every seven years, When Wahid refused, Mirage revealed that he would die when the moon set from the sky. Aladdin then volunteered to go in Wahid's place to become Mirage's servant, though in truth this was a clever trick to make her reverse the spell, devised by Aladdin and Genie. When she realized the truth, she loosed Amal and the other El Khatib on Aladdin to kill him. However, Amal refused to kill his friend, and when Mirage left Amal to die as the sun began to rise, the El Khatib alongside Amal dissolved into nothingness, while Amal, due to the good still inside him, instead regained his human right arm. Afterwards, with the blessing of Aladdin, Amal set off to do more good deeds and regain his humanity, making a new life for himself.

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