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Duke Weaselton is the tertiary antagonist of the film Zootopia. He is a low-life weasel crook who Judy successfully captured in the film.

He was voiced by Alan Tudyk.


Duke Weaselton is an anthropomorphic weasel with a tattered white tanktop and cargo pants.

Duke Weaselton was first seen in the film stealing onions at a shop. Judy Hopps pursued him in Little Rodentia, and managed to slow him down. He kicks a donut piece of the restaurant at Judy, which almost kills Mr. Big's daughter Fru Fru, until Judy manages to save her. She then manages to capture Duke by slamming the donut on him, trapping the weasel in the process.

He was then let out after his trial, and he is seen giving away bootlegged Disney films in animal form. Judy and Nick (after forcefully interrogating Duke) then realize that Duke Weaselton stole Night Howler flowers from the shop and not the onions that he gave to a group of rams. He last appeared dancing to Gazelle's "Try Everything" at a concert, swiping some money before sneaking away.


  • He is voiced by Alan Tudyk, and his name is a reference to one of his character's misspelled names The Duke of Weselton from Frozen.
  • Similar to Winkie's henchmen and The Toon Patrol, he is another villainous weasel from Disney.


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