Drake Stone is a British celebrity illusionist and a major antagonist from The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Drake Stone was an inexperienced wizard that practiced magic, only to bring himself fame and fortune by posing as a stage magician. When he was fifteen years old and without a family, his original master left him for unknown reasons, leaving him with a copy of the Encantus, which was how he was able to learn sorcery and become a rich and famous magician throughout his entire life in spite of his "abandonment issues".

Role in the film[]

Drake was recruited by Maxim Horvath to help him retrieve the Grimhold. They both succeed when Drake disguises himself as Dave Stutler, attacked his mentor Balthazar Blake and retrieved the doll intact.

Back at his penthouse building in Manhattan, he was later betrayed by Horvath when he told him about the "Parasite Spell", a curse that originated in Haiti and served the purpose of transferring energy from one sorcerer to another. Horvath quickly used the spell on Drake and stole his ring, now imbued with Drake's magic, as well as his life energy, causing Drake's death.


  • In the film, his character was based on real-life Criss Angel.
  • When he met Drake Stone for the first time, Dave wondered whether the latter was from Depeche Mode, alluding to how Drake's appearance was reminiscent of Depeche Mode member Martin Gore's early looks.
  • Drake Stone's character was not conceived in the film's original script, let alone any evil sorcerer like him. Instead, a character named Menmet-Ra of Giza, an evil Egyptian sorcerer, was developed in his place. Menmet-Ra fights Dave and Balthazar, which culminated in his death at hands of the older Merlinean.
    • Interestingly, as with Drake, Menmet-Ra revealed Dave's status as the Prime Merlinean in their respective confrontations, leading the sorcerer-in-training to question the purpose of his training.
    • Also, the same script's description of Horvath's penthouse resembles that of Drake's.