Dr. Screwball Jones is the main antagonist of the Wander Over Yonder episode "The Boy Wander".


Wander describes Screwball as someone from his past, suggesting they worked together until Wander discovered Screwball's predilection for trying to force beings to be happy and parted ways with the psychotic alien.

Role in the Series

During the episode “The Boy Wander”, Screwball attempts to create a Tickle Machine to inflict endless laughter throughout the galaxy. After stealing feathers from various places and people, he reveals himself at Planet Cluckon, unleashing his weapon on the inhabitants, Lord Hater, Commander Peepers, and Sylvia. After Wander and a somewhat incapacitated Sylvia destroy Screwball’s Tickle Machine, the villain is subjected to a barrage of his own feathers as his blimp bursts and spirals off into space. He makes a reappearance in “The Battle Royale”, in which he attacks Wander and Hater using a Banana Peel launcher. He is ‘defeated’ when Wander shoots him with a gun that sticks out a flag that says “Zap!” Screwball reacts as if he had been truly shot, making a series of death-related puns. He was later seen bowing down to Lord Dominator after she defeated Lord Hater in battle. It is unknown what happened to him after this.

In the episode "My Fair Hatey", he is currently imprisoned by Lord Dominator in her ship along with the other villains.

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