Dr. Phillip Worthington is the secondary antagonist in Treasure Buddies.

Role in the film

At the beginning, he and his cat, Ubasti, went into Thomas' muesum just as it was closing down. He is believed to be a British archelogist. Phillip gave Thomas the other half of the disc that could open Cleocatra's tomb. He proposed to Thomas that they could go to Egypt together as well as bringing Pete along.

Throughout the film, they traveled together and saw clues on how to get to the tomb. Ubasti frequently ran off from him, apparently for her own fiendish purposes. Eventually, Thomas and Pete learn his true nature: that he really was a grave robber. He threatened to harm Pete if they did not continue the journey. After a sandstorm, the tomb appeared before their eyes. Due to a heavy door, he planned for Seti and Tarik to use explosives against it. Pete realizes that there was a slot in the door, so Thomas puts the disc in and opened the door.

In Cleocatra's tomb, he used Tarik for everyone to go through the quick-sandtrap. After that, he decided to leave him behind, but Pete discovers a button that rose a platform, freeing him in the process. Eventually, everyone had reached the tomb and discovered that Ubasti had the collar. Ubasti scratched his face, considering him as a nuisance. After Ubasti turned into a black lifeless statue, a door opened from behind; it was filled with a lot of treasure. Phillip made way for it, but Thomas decided to stop him and the two engaged in a fierce duel. Pete hits Phillip from behind with a golden shield.

In the end, he tried to escape, but was surrounded outside. He was hit in the head by Babi, spit on by Cammy, and finally, arrested by the Egyptain government, but upon later request, was eventually placed into the custody of the British embassy.


  • He shares a few similarities with Selkirk Tander from Air Buddies as they both fenced and are greedy. However, Phillip stated that he was once a champion at Oxford.
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