• Dr. Pendanski is the tertiary antagonist of the Disney film Holes.


When Stanley first met her, she seemed to be a seemingly friendly woman who cared a lot about Stanley. However, this was not her true personality. Mrs. Pendanski was kind and good-natured on the outside, but on the inside, she was just as cruel and selfish as the other two main villains, Warden Walker and Mr. Sir. This was slowly starting to unfold and reveal when Pendanski mocked and verbally abused Zero for his lack of knowing how to read and write, even though Zero was actually incredibly smart and clever. Mr. Pendanski also waited for Stanley and Zero's expected death when they were trapped in a hole and deadly yellow-spotted lizards were crawling about them. At the end of the film, when it was revealed that Mr. Pendanski was not a real doctor nor did he have a Ph.D, he was arrested and sent to prison along with the Warden and Mr. Sir for child labor.

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