Dr. Mouse is a minor antagonist in The Rescuers Down Under.


The Rescuers Down Under[]

He appears in an abandoned ambulance at the desert of Australia. He believes he can find a way to cure Wilbur's broken back, but when it comes to beginning to check his back, he commands his nurse maids to rope him around hanging him and shoot through down his back with a cane. Wilbur is scared but Dr. Mouse tells him he must relax, but he refuses that he would be dead. Dr. Mouse is not convinced so he and his nurse maids put a medicine in a needle and shoot Wilbur to make him fall asleep.

While Bianca, Bernard and Jake went searching for Cody, Wilbur wakes up painfully and saw some kind a like an object on top of his head. Dr. Mouse plans to do something crazy which is now foolishly planning to do operation on Wilbur's back such as a chainsaw which he calls it the epidurmal tissue destructor. Wilbur screams in panicky, he escapes out of the hospital but Dr. mouse and his nurse maids try to stop him. Wilbur hops out the window but he's stuck.  Dr. Mouse and his nurse henchmice pull him back but Wilbur flies down to the floor and accidentally lay down on Dr. Mouse.  Wilbur stands up and his back is now cured, except Dr. Mouse. His back is damaged as Wilbur's back was. He isn't seen again for the rest of the film.


  • The sequence where the Doctor orders the calibration of the syringes ("range 42!') with the nurses echoing him is identical to Captain Hook aiming a cannon at Peter Pan and Wendy, with the orders repeated by Smee.
  • The Doctor was just completely out of his mind when he thinks he's a real doctor who can cure better just as other doctors or nurses.
  • His tool is a Chainsaw, but he calls it the epidermal tissue disruptor instead, but when he uses a chainsaw instead of surgery equipments, that makes him mostly an antagonist because of his stupidity and insanity. However, he is wise sometimes.