Dr. Ivan Krank is the main villain in Teacher's Pet: The Movie, and a man of science besides being called a "Wakko" which he disliked. He is voiced by virginian actor Kelsey Grammer. His nephew Ian Wazselewski (voiced by Rob Paulsen) sometimes disobeyed his uncle's commands.


Dr. Krank is first seen on "The Barry Anger Show" where the host interviews him and he says he can turn animals into human beings. Spot finds this as the oppurtunity to live his dream and goes to see him.

When Spot and Leonard find Krank's lab, he tries to turn a frog into a human but he only makes it "moo". Spot arrives and convinces Krank to not destroy the machine and that he needs a mammal to make a man not swamp creatures.

Spot is turned into a human but instead, he's turned into a man not a boy (his age in dog years). Krank then traps Spot and Leonard in a cage to turn them into media freaks.

Then, his nephew, Ian arrives and sets them free in exchange for a chew toy. When Krank finds out, he grounds Ian for the rest of the summer and traps him in a web. He also sends his minons Dennis and Adele to capture Spot.

Later, when Ian

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