Dr. Martin Griffiths is the (former) main antagonist of Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. He is Lizzy's father.


He appeared to be very ignorant as he hardly did anything with Lizzy until the end of the film, where he learned that he needed to spend more time with her. He was the antagonist of the film, but out of ignorance, as his pushing his daughter away was motivated by his love for his work and his disbelief in fairies and magic. He has a large collection of preserved dead butterflies, and while he spares a little sympathy for them, he believes their sacrifice is needed for the sake of science. For this same end, he attempts to pin and preserve another butterfly in the beginning of the movie and do the same to Tinker Bell (and Vidia when she rescues her) near the end, but is prevented from doing so when his daughter and the fairies give chase.



  • The butterfly with the mis-painted wing is recognized by Dr. Griffiths to be Apertura iris, the scientific name for the Purple Emperor Butterfly.
  • He's similar to Tim Carson from Casper The Spirited Beginning: Both are widowers with an only child who they push away due to caring more about their jobs than their families and who is friends with supernatural creatures they do not believe in.