Dr. Elliot Coleye is the head of SETI and the main antagonist of Disney's My Favorite Martian.


In the end of the film, Coleye attempted to shoot Martin with his gun, but a SETI official named Armitan, actually Martin's old friend, Neenert, in disguise, saves him by destroying Coleye's gun and tossing him wildly in the air. Eventually, he tries to stop Martin and Neenert from taking off, but it was too late because they fly away back to Mars.

Eventually, Coleye consumes the piece of nerplex left by Neenert and he is turned into an alien too. While laughing at this, he accidentally swallows it, which presumably leaves him permanently in his transformation. He then ends up getting caught by his own organization and gets tranquillized off-screen.

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