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Dr. E. Elle (a.k.a. "Dr. Eel") is a character and antagonist from A.T.O.M..


is a scientist with a laboratory at the bottom of the ocean. He has a full bodysuit equipped with a mask and an arm cannon that can fire electricity. He uses mind control discs to make sea creatures (sharks, swordfish a squid etc.) his obedient pets. Also, he was able to create seaweed that grow rapidly and wrap around intruders.

Eel started a project called "Neptune's Revenge" where he used his "pets", namely a giant squid to sink ships. The project was funded by Paine who sought to get rid of Axel Manning and the rest of the Alpha Teens, who were at a party on Mr. Lee's yacht. Shark unintentionally stumbled across this plan when he was caught by Eel's giant squid while he was swimming.

When the others at Mr. Lee's party started to get worried, Axel and King went to search for him. Meanwhile Lee's yacht was being attacked by the giant squid. Axel and King followed Shark's Scuba-sled to where it had been tracked and found Eel's lab. The two saved Shark who explained what's been going on and found out Paine is behind it.

Axel confronted Eel one on one. The two fought until Axel used a Jo-Lan attack on Eel accidentally making him blast part of his lab. With his lab and life's work being destroyed as a result, Axel, King and Shark force Eel to surrender. He was detained by the three as they saved Mr. Lee, Lioness and Hawk from the sinking ship. Eel was taken to prison shortly afterwards.

When Hawk and King were unjustly arrested, Eel was one of the villains to make their stay in prison very difficult. Without his bodysuit, Eel had light blue skin and dark blue hair. He was also able to sneak in a pet electric eel that willingly listens to him. He sent the eel from his sink to the sink in Hawk and King's cell. It attacked Hawk before escaping down the drain. After King and Recombo started a food fight, he and the other villains imprisoned because of the Alpha Teens attacked King and Hawk. Lioness, who came with Axel to breakout their team-mates, kicked a cup of water at Eel and his pet, electrocuting them both.