Doofus khan

Doofus Khan is Heinz Doofenshmirtz's 1542 equivalent in the episode "Doof Dynasty" from Phineas and Ferb. Doofus Khan's goal is to take over the Tri-Province Area with his army. He appears to have been terrorizing the Tri-Province Area for a long time.

Physical appearance[]

He looks quite like the modern Heinz, but has shoulder-length brown hair and a black beard and mustache. He wears armor, a horned helmet and a white fur cloak. He wears what appears to be a green jewel around his neck.

Personality and traits[]

The Khan seems to be a much more successful villain than his modern variant, given that he actually has an army of minions. He also seems to be quite forgetful, since he can't even remember how to dodge his own traps.

Skills and abilities[]

He is a very capable inventor, as he can build a highly dangerous and destructive dragon robot from bamboo and rice paper.


  • "Doof Dynasty"


  • He could have something to do with Master Perry giving up the way of the warrior, since he knows him.
  • Since he is named in the traditional style of Mongolian royalty, it is possible that he is the Mongol Emperor.
  • His first name is a joke, as it is doofus, which means someone who is not smart.