Dominus Tusk4

Dominus Tusk is a giant minotaur who was a minor villain in the Aladdin TV Series who visits Agrabah two times.

In his first appearance is in A Clockwork Hero where he challenges the local hero for a one-on-one duel for control of the city. As Aladdin was about to take on the challenge, only to find himself unable to lift the battle axe that Tusk gave him for the duel. Even Genie was helpless in the fights with Tusk. When the mighty minotaur was about to smash Al with his battle mace, young Wahid, working the controls of Mechanicles's "son", Junior, interfered in the battle and challenges the monster, where he manage to knock Tusk into a wall where he hung by his horns.


Dominus Tusk's first lost in battle

With his first defeat (and humiliating on at that), Dominus Tusk relinquish victory to Junior. Later on in the episode, they Genie and Carpet were playing a "Sock'Em, Bop'em, Robots" game of Junior and Tusk.


Dominus Tusk and Junior game

Dominus Tusk appears again near the end of the episode where he wants a re-match (still sore about being stuck in a wall) only to lose that battle before he can even finish his battle speech as Genie crashed landed on him after he was trying to fight the newly adjusted Junior, meaning Tusk lost to the robot again, only indirectly.


Tusk's 2nd defeat by Genie

In his second appearance in Armored and Dangerous, where the creature some how grew 10xs his normal size and was terrorizing the city of Agrabah. After destroying buildings, eaisly taking care of the city's army, and knocking Jasmine out cold; Sultan took upon himself to stop the giant minotaur from devastating the entire city by donning the invincible Armor of Kileem, a evil ancestor of his family. Shortly after this, Sultan had Dominus Tusk out match in speed and strength. After intense battle, Tusk's horns were mounted on the wall in the Sultan's newly refurbished throne room, so presumably killed by the Sultan, whose was being possessed by the evil spirit of Kileem.


Dominus Tusk in "Armored and Dangerous"


Dominus Tusk's horns on the Sultan's throne

Tusk also appeared in cameo as Iago had a dream in While the City Snoozes in which Iago defeats him singlehandedly, winning respect and fountain of the city, only to have Mirage turn his dream into a nightmare by having Jafar in it.

Before Wahid defeated him he claimed he was the "victor of ten thousand battles" and had never before been defeated. He also singlehandedly defeated the entire army of Ganastan. If we count all his defeats in the series (NOT including Iago's dream), he would be "victor of 10,000 battles, and 3 losses".