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The Doe Boys are a pair of crooks created by Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard. They appeared for the first time in a story featuring 0.0. Duck & Mata Harrier, "Picnic".


Most of the American stories where they took park were drawn by Tony Strobl, who revamped the original look of this duo, developed by Hubbard. They had a more human-like look and Strobl made them look like Carl Barks' dognoses (human faces with dog snouts). Besides, one of them became quite shorter than the original character. Strobl used the Doe Boys in various comic stories for the market outside of the USA during the 1970's whose events invariably also involved Donald Duck, his cousin Fethry and Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

Donald and Fethry are generally working as reporters for Scrooge McDuck's newspaper, the Duckburg Chronicle, in those stories. Daisy Duck eventually also meets the Doe Boys, sometimes working also as a reporter for Scrooge's newspaper, sometimes working as a policewoman. Brazilian comic artists also produced various stories where the Doe Boys appear. They were used in two comic stories written by Lars Jensen and drawn by the Spanish cartoonist José Maria Manrique during the 2000s.

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