Doctor Frankenollie.

Doctor Frankenollie was the secondary antagonist of the 1995 short "Runaway Brain", voiced by Kelsey Grammer who voiced Stinky Pete (also famous for his role as Frasier Crane).


Frankenollie is a monkey with shaggy black fur, large yellow eyes, and he wore a double-breasted labcoat with long black rubber gloves. Oh, and did we forget to mention that he has a HUGE HAWKIN' LIGHTBULB JUTTING RIGHT OUT OF HIS HEAD?!

Role in Runaway Brain[]

Mickey Mouse, in desperate need of money to go on a Hawaiian vacation with Minnie, sees a want add in the newspaper for "a mindless day's work in Dr. Frankenollie's laborotory". The job offered $999.99 (which is the exact amount of money Micky needed). Mickey rings the doorbell, and gets sucked through a trapdoor under the welcome mat. There, Frankenollie meets Mickey by having him shackled to a chair. He then explains that the "job" was really a brain swap between Mickey and Dr. Frankenollie's monster, Julius (who bears more than a passing resemblence to Julius). After the brain swap, the good doctor wasn't seen for the remainder of the short (read below)


After the brain swap, Mickey (in Julius' body) runs over to Frankenollie and shouts "Doc, doc! I changed my mind; I don't want the money, I just want my body back!". After Mickey/Julius stops shaking Dr. Frankenollie empathetically, ashes crumble off him, and then his skeleton (save for the arms) fell out of the labcoat, and stood on their own for half a second before crumbling to pieces. This, for some viewers, meant that he was incinerated during the experiment (like any other self-respecting mad scientist). Other assumed, as a more creepy understanding of the scene, that Mickey unwillingly killed him when he was trying to shake him, because he wasn't already used to his Julius self's strenght. 

Inside Jokes[]

Dr. Frankenollie's name, aside from the obvious Frankenstein pun, is a joke on two of Disney's greatest animators (who often work together on projects): Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. The exterior of his house parodies that of "The Exorcist".