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Having already run countdowns of the best of Disney's animated classics, live action films, and songs, what would be next? The results of a quick poll last summer of some potential future countdowns pointed to one clear winner: Disney villains.

The saying goes that the hero of your story is only as great as your villain. By that, a weak nemesis equals a weak protagonist, and you wind up with a weak film. With the general consensus around UltimateDisney.com being that Disney films are anything but weak, some credit must go towards the villainous characters who inspire fear and create havoc with their malicious deeds.

And so, site visitors were asked to think of the strongest villains from Disney's animated and live action films. Seventy-five UltimateDisney.com visitors came up with their ranked lists of 10 to 50 best Disney villains. From these votes, we bring you these results of the 30 villains who received the most points. While animated antagonists dominate the list, the canon includes characters spanning over seventy years of cinema, from Walt's earliest villain to personalities who didn't exist just a few years ago. Brought to life with pencils, pixels, and human performance, these thirty villains have made quite the impression on the moviegoing public all over the world.

Stick with us over the next three weeks, as we count down to the #1 Disney villain of all time. Each weekday, we'll profile two villains, offering insightful comments from site visitors on why these characters work so well in their respective films.


30. Captain Barbossa-Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(2003)

29. Governor Ratcliffe-Pochantas(1995)

28. Kaa-The Jungle Book(1967)

27. Randall Boggs-Monsters, Inc(2001)

26. Sid Phillips-Toy Story(1995)

25. Madame Mim-The Sword and the Stone(1963)

24. Clayton-Tarzan(1999)

23. Pete-Countless shorts, TV programs, and films, from "Alice Solves the Puzzle" (1925) to The Three Musketeers(2004)

22. Stromboli-Pinocchio(1940)

21. The Horned King-The Black Cauldron(1985)

20. Prince John-Robin Hood(1973)

19. Hopper-A Bug's Life(1998)

18. Shan Yu-Mulan(1998)

17. Professor Ratigan-The Great Mouse Detective(1986)

16. Madame Medusa-The Rescuers(1977)

15. The Queen of Hearts-Alice in Wonderland(1951)

14. Yzma-The Emperor's New Groove(2000)

13. Chernabog-Fantasia(1940)

12. Shere Khan-The Jungle Book(1967)

11. Gaston-Beauty and the Beast(1991)

10. Claude Frollo-The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1996)

9. Lady Tremaine-Cinderella(1950)

8. Hades-Hercules(1997)

7. Captain Hook-Peter Pan(1953)

6. Cruella De Vil-101 Dalmatians(1960)

5. Ursula-The Little Mermaid(1989)

4. The Wicked Queen-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937)

3. Scar-The Lion King(1994)

2. Jafar-Aladdin(1992)

1. Maleficent-Sleeping Beauty(1959)

Ultimate Disney Countdown #4 30 Top Disney Villains