Hello and welcome to the discussion board. This page features a welcoming statement for all editors, Hades Challenge whic gives you an article to fix up each month. Also here are reminders about what new is hapening on the wiki.

Welcome Foolish Mortals

Hey, I really would like to talk to the community of this wiki as a whole so please check back here for tasks I have for users out there. First of all, most of the work done is by unregistered users which isn't necicerily a bad thing but I want all registered ones on this wiki to watch them and make sure all articles are up to standard. Also, I have being seeing alot of refrences to Ultimate Disney's Top 30 Disney Villains. That countdown is opinion and shouldn't be referenced here. I appreciate you taking time to help-Disneyvillainman 02:49, 9 June 2009 (UTC)

Hades Challenge of the Month

A lot of page have random and unessecary spacing on them. Please help to eliminate this uneeded spaces.

"Listen Well, All of You!"-Maleficent

Guys, this is getting exhausting deleting all of these non-disney pages that people just seem to keep recreating. Look, if a page you made is deleted, DON'T REMAKE IT! There is a reason why it was deleted. Also, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT remove all content from a page to put a "candidate for deletion" template. Just leave it at the top so that admins can look over the article to see if it needs to be deleted or not. Guys, I really want making this wiki to be fun for everyone but this wiki is meant to be an encyclopedia where people can go to find out information on a Disney villain quickly. These things are nuissances that are defeating both of the aformentioned points. One more thing: when creating a new page it is not OK to just write: "_____ is a minor villain from ____". The ideal article format is there for a reason. USE IT! If you don't have time to make satisfactory pages, then DON'T bother making new pages.

Comments and Concerns

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I added a "Disney Divas" category, and I need to add Maleficent to the category as she is part of the Disney Divas.

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