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For someone so 'superior', you are kinda redundant, Dehydro!
      —Rope Girl

Dehydro is one of the recurring villains on Teamo Supremo. He is a former cruise director/diving instructor who turned to a life of crime, wearing an amphibian-themed costume because he believes that amphibians are superior to land animals. He tends to describe his plans and express his statements with as many words as he can, continually describing himself and his army with the word "superior" and land-dwellers with the word "inferior".


  • "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dehydro, and this is my Amphibious Army!"
  • "We can live on water or land! That makes us superior to you; thus, we are entitled to take whatever we want from you sniveling landies."
  • "Back away, inferior land-dwellers! If you do not cease to menace and mock me, your precious "Cap" will suffer consequences of the sort that will be... consequential."
  • "All right, Amphibians, let's show the landies how superior we are by taking their hoses! Our pets need no washing, because we live in water! This is one of the many numerous ways we amphibians are superior to you."
  • "Farewell, inadequate fresh-air breathers! You have failed to thwart me and my superior Amphibians' plan to rightfully rule the State!"
  • "Ah, you think you can trick me into revealing my secret plan? Well you can't! But I'll tell you anyway because you're too inferior to stop it! I plan to flood the State so that only we superior Amphibians can dwell here."
  • "Impressive; you actually get [my plan]. But you've gotten it too late, for soon I will complete the Hydrogenator, a device capable of blasting water everywhere!"
  • "Oh, who will stop me? You, who are inferior? I laugh at your foolishness! Ha ha ha!"
  • "Ha! Surrender to you, who are inferior? I find that funny in a way that is no doubt over your head. Even if you were not so ridiculously inferior to us, which you are, you would still be too late!"
  • "Once again I shall begin laughing at you in such ways to signify that I recognize my superiority to you. Ha ha ha!"
  • "Perhaps you foiled my clam-launchers. No matter; soon the entire State will be underwater, making it perfect for superior Amphibians!!"
  • "How can this be? [I've been] Defeated by land-dwellers?! I feel like I must mock myself with malicious laughter! Ha ha ha!"