Daru Tavelevil is a character and the secondary antagonist of the Aladdin episode, "My Fair Aladdin".


Aladdin: The Animated Series

Daru Tavelevil is a merchant and one of the Sultan's guest at the palace dining room seen talking about art, impressing Jasmine with how cultured he is. Aladdin tells everyone that he's an adventurer, saying that he fought a giant dancing rhino. While he and Abu pretend to fight, Aladdin accidentally makes a mess in front of everybody; including Daru as well (all burned, smudged, and messed up), to his annoyance.

The next night, at the palace dining room, Aladdin (now learning to be as cultured as Daru and having his hair combed and slicked exactly like his own hair) and the others are eating with the same guests from before. Daru and the other guests are now impressed with the street rat. Later, Aladdin and his friends try to investigate a giant centipede which has been shooting fire on sand in the desert, thus, turning sand into glass. The centipede reveals itself to be another one of Mechanicles' inventions with Mechanicles himself controlling it with the intention of "ironing the desert". After Mechanicles captures Aladdin and his friends, he reveals that Daru had sold him the iron after he revealed his plan; making the group realize that the merchant sold out Agrabah to get rich. Iago also reveals that his charm is also a fraud he picked up the same way Aladdin picked up his cultured behavior. After foiling Mechanicles' plans, Razoul makes Daru put broken pieces of the centipede in a cart as punishment for his treason, while Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu are watching, making Aladdin sarcastically state that it'll take him about "ten or fifteen years" to clean this mess up.

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