Darlene is a one-time character from the animated series Gravity Falls. She is an Arachnimorph disguised as a ticket seller at Mystery Mountain. She appears in the episode "Roadside Attraction".

Role in the episode[]

When Stanley Pines happens upon Darlene, he decides to flirt with her as an attempt to show Dipper an example of how confidence can get a girl. Darlene takes Stan on a tour of Mystery Mountain before stopping at the Giant Spider Forest. When the two stop to rest for a while, Darlene reveals to Stan who she really is - a spider creature who can take on a human disguise. She ensnares Stan and takes him back to her darkened den inside Widow's Peak.

Stan manages to call Dipper for help by way of his walkie-talkie before Darlene arrives and smashes it. After she changes into full spider form, she skitters off to find a drink to go along with her meal. While Darlene is away, Dipper arrives with Mabel, Candy, and Grenda, and they all manage to free Stan from the silk he's wrapped in. When Darlene spots her prey escaping, she purses them. Since the sky tram moves very slowly, Darlene catches up to her prey in no time and wraps the vehicle in silk. Candy pulls the release lever on the tram, and while Stan and the kids end up landing safely, Darlene ends up getting trapped underneath the foot of the statue of Paul Bunyan after the ticket stand holding it up is destroyed. Darlene makes an attempt to lure Stan back, but the kids stop him. Not falling for the same trick twice, Stan drives off with the kids and leaves Darlene to her fate.