Crispy is a dragon who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Bad Little Dragon" as the main antagonist. His character appears to be modeled after old time mobsters - more specifically, Baby Face Nelson.



Crispy is a no-good crook who gets what he wants by acting cute, pretending to be a baby, and stealing. He also has the "Yeah, See" speech patterns of a 1920's gangster.

Physical Appearance[]

Crispy is a midget dragon who just has the size, small wings, and face of a baby dragon. His entire body is amber and his eyes are blue.

Role in the series[]

In "Bad Little Dragon", Crispy first appears after Vivian and Sofia find him. Because of how cute he looks, Vivian and Sofia take him back to Zumaria Castle. Vivian asks her parents if she could keep him and they say yes. Vivian mommys Crispy nonstop. Crackle later discovers that Crispy isn't a baby at all but an adult dragon who only looks like a baby due to being a midget. Crispy also reveals he plans to rob Zumaria Castle's Jewel Room and plans to get rid of Crackle. Crispy does bad stuff and Crackle gets blamed for them by Vivian. Clover reveals to Sofia Crispy's true nature. Sofia and Clover confront him in the Jewel Room. Crispy is shocked that Sofia can understand him and locks her in the Jewel room, but she gets out by using her shrinking ability to make herself enough to fit through the keyhole. Underestimating Sofia becomes Crispy's downfall when Sofia chases him into Vivian and Crackle, who nabs him. A constable comes by and arrests him and takes him to a fireproof cell.