The crew of the 'Wicked Wench' are the villains of the ride Pirates of the Caribbean.


At some point during the early 18th century, the Wicked Wench lead by Captain Barbossa ransacked the Spanish town of Puerto Dorado on the island of Isla Tesoro in search of the town's treasure.  On the island some of the pirates searched for the the treasure directly by interrogating public-officials and studying maps.  However some pirates chose rather to get drunk on rum, auction of the townsfolk's stolen goods, chase after townsfolk, play music, and set the town aflame.  By the time that they had found the treasure, they realized that a sizeable portion of it had been stolen by the rival pirate Captain Jack Sparrow before they could get to it.

After having stolen the treasure they established a lair in the island's grotto where they hid their booty, only to learn that it was cursed and for them all to suddenly die only to become an undead ghost-like creature.  Over the years, the pirates' souls remained and many a foolish mortal came to the grotto in search of their treasure, only to find an untimely end themselves.

List of Notable Crewmates


  • The original Captain of the Wicked Wench who appeared before the 2006 refurbishments was strongly implied to be the historic villain, Blackbeard.
  • In the expanded lore of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, the Wicked Wench was the original name of Jack Sparrow's ship the from the days before it became a pirate vessel and was used as a slave ship. After Captain Jack Sparrow decided to release 100 slaves from the vessel, Sparrow's boss Cutler Beckett ordered the Wicked Wench to be burned as Jack watched and for Jack to be branded as a pirate. Following these events, Jack made a faustian bargain with the demon Davy Jones in exchange for the Wench to be returned to him from the Ocean's depth. The Wench was returned to Jack and now embowed with supernatural speed but the fire that burned the ship to the depths in the first place rendered the ship's hull permanently black, prompting Jack the rename the ship the Black Pearl.
  • The Wench makes a cameo in the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean movie in which the ship appears as a pirate vessel that Jack served on as a teenager, creating one of many continuity errors in the film.
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