Cranky is the main antagonist of the Disney mobile game Where's My Water?. He is also the main character in Where's My Water? in Cranky's Story.

Role in Where's My Water?

Cranky causes trouble for Swampy in every chapter in any way he can. Cranky hates to eat vegetables and will eat anything he finds in the sewer. He lives even deeper then Swampy does and holds the title of leader of the alligators. Cranky and his gang spend most of their days tormenting Swampy. The reason for such behavior is caused by Cranky's hatred of humans. Since both Swampy and the humans bath, Cranky feels that Swampy has no role in their society. He originally had a relationship with the sewer's female resident Allie but she left Cranky for Swampy, causing even more tension between the two gators.

Role in Cranky's Story

Cranky appears as the main character of the spin-off. Here, players must assist Cranky in retrieving his "junk food", much like how they gave Swampy his bath water in the original game.

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