The Impaler

Count Dracula is a villain who appears in the Haunted Mansion franchise.



Dracula appears briefly in a portrait in the ride's loading zone.  Originally, it was intended to be a changing portrait where Dracula would change into a bat demon, but in the final attraction it was altered to be a normal portait with eyes that followed the guests, this effect was however removed during a refurbishment.  Dracula's role in the ride is as one of the several prominent ghosts who came to the mansion for retirement.


Count Dracula is a famous literary vampire who originates from Bram Stoker's Dracula which was inspired by real world folklore, the historic warlord Vlad the Impaler, and the macabre case of the young girl Mercy Brown.  Dracula in the novel is said to be a centuries old gentleman who lives in a castle in the Carpathian Mountains alongside his three vampire brides where they feed off the people in the villages below.  Dracula wound up killed by a band of Brits led by Dr. Abraham van Hellsing after Dracula transformed one of their fiancées, Mina Harker into his newest vampire bride.  After this, Dracula's ghost retired to the Haunted Mansion to rest in peace.

Other Appearances[]

The Ghost Gallery[]

In the Ghost Gallery storyline created by Disney World cast-members, Count Dracula is reimagined as having been a mortal man named Nicholas Crown. Nicholas was an ordinary Eastern-European human mortal who lived in upstate New York during the 1940s and was one of the many lovers of Little Leota who lived in the Haunted Mansion. One day, Lillian and Nicholas schemed on a way to obtain more wealth by having Little Leota seduce a plantation owner named Jamie Padgett.