Constance Hatchaway is a character from The Haunted Mansion attraction. She is the current incarnation of the bride character in the attic and in a retcon, one of the figures depicted in the Stretching Room's portraits.


The murderous bride was a concept dating back to some of Marc Davis' stretching portrait concepts. It would serve as inspiration when Disney Imagineers would revamp the Attic scene and its popular Bride character in 2006. Utilizing a similar projection effect to Madame Leota's, Constance would have a filmed body and a separate voice actress. Kat Cressida is the voice actress behind her whereas Julia Lee was the performance model for her.


Constance appears twice on the ride. She is seen in the Stretching Room in the elevator as an elderly black widowed bride looking straight at the guests who step back when the late Paul Frees' voice is heard as the Ghost Host. She sits on the tombstone that reads "Rest In Peace, Dear Beloved George" which is found in the cemetery. She is seen in the Attic where the photo changes while guests see and listen to the silhouette of a pianist playing a ghostly version of the bridal march on the piano. Constance raises her ax at the guests by saying scary phrases in her serial killer-esque bride mode.

Other Appearances[]

The Ghost Gallery[]

Due to being a composite character, the figure who we now know as Constance Hatchaway tends to be split into two separate characters in unofficial backstories for the attraction, those being the Black Widow and the Attic Bride.

The Mystery of the Manse[]

Epic Mickey[]

Constance is mentioned as the former mistress of Lonesome Manor. Horace Horsecollar desires to solve one of the greatest mysteries of Wasteland and prove that she did indeed kill all of her husbands and asks Mickey Mouse to find her hatchet. The hatchet is located in the Library of the Manor.

She also makes a cameo appearance in the Epic Mickey Digi-comics.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures[]

She appears as a boss towards the end of the Haunted Mansion mini-game.


  • One of her victims is George Hightower, prominently seen in the Stretching Gallery and Attic. George is a relative of Harrison Hightower III, the owner of Hotel Hightower (Tokyo Disneysea's Tower of Terror).
  • Her having been a former resident of Wasteland in Epic Mickey actually makes sense; she stayed a forgottten concept until 2006, but then was finally incorporated into the ride.