Connie and Lonnie Rockwaller

Connie and Lonnie with Kim and their sister, Bonnie

Connie and Lonnie Rockwaller are the two older sisters (and the only known siblings) of Kim Possible's archrival, Bonnie Rockwaller. They were first alluded to in the episode Hidden Talent but made their first (and only) physical appearance in Bonding.


Physical Appearance[]

They both look enough like each other and Bonnie where you can tell that their sisters, but there are some differences between the way they look:

  • 1.) Connie and Lonnie are both noticeably taller than Bonnie (though Lonnie's shown to be wearing heels when we first see her and Connie).
  • 2.) While Connie and Bonnie are both brunettes, Connie's hair is a noticeably lighter shade and is also much wavier/curlier than Bonnie's hair--although it's unknown if Connie's hair is naturally wavy/curly or if she had it styled like that.
  • 3.) Connie has a noticeably paler skin tone than either of her sisters while Lonnie has the darkest tan of the three (although it's unknown if her skin is like that naturally or if Lonnie uses some kind of tanning product). Bonnie's skin tone is right in between in her sisters' skin tones.
  • 4.) Lonnie has blonde hair instead of brown hair like her sisters (and their mother)--although it's unknown if Lonnie's a natural blonde or if she just dyes it blonde. Lonnie also has a beauty mark on her face, just above the right side of her mouth.

Another way to tell Connie and Lonnie apart is the way they dress themselves:

  • Connie dresses in a very conservative and sophisticated way (wearing a loose turtleneck, loose and comfortable dress pants, and sensible running shoes).
  • Lonnie dresses in a much flashier and more provocative style (wearing a low-cut tube top, a short miniskirt and high-heeled knee-high go-go boots).


Hidden Talent[]

Connie and Lonnie were alluded to by Bonnie when she was signing up for the Middleton High School talent show. Bonnie was very confident that she'd win the competition, because her "older sibs" (presumably Connie and Lonnie) had won the competition multiple years in a row when they were students at the school, and that she didn't intend on breaking the "Rockwaller family tradition."

  • Bonnie did a ballet routine for the show and was actually shown to be a very talented ballet dancer, but ends up losing the competition to Ron Stoppable. Kim, who had also been competing, was happy that Bonnie didn't win, but was also happy for Ron as well.


Connie and Lonnie make their only physical appearance in the entire series in this episode. They're shown when they walk into Bonnie's room just before she and Kim leave for a mission against Professor Dementor---Kim and Bonnie were bonded together at the hip, so Bonnie had to go on the mission with Kim.

It's during this meeting with Connie and Lonnie that Kim realizes that Bonnie has kind of a rough home life and is shown to feel kind of sorry when she sees how mean her sisters are to her. At the end, Kim and Bonnie apologize to each other and Kim admits to feeling that she has a better of why Bonnie is the way she is.


Much like Bonnie, Connie and Lonnie aren't necessarily "evil," per se, but they both snobby attitudes and generally just plain mean/rude, even more so than Bonnie herself is. And they're not just mean and rude to Bonnie, but to others as well, such as when Kim tried introducing herself to them and then when Kim tried correcting them on her name (after they called her "Amy").

Connie and Lonnie enjoy being mean to Bonnie by making fun of her and criticizing her, such as saying things like, "Connie got all the brains, Lonnie got all the looks, and Bonnie got the rest." It's strongly implied that Connie and Lonnie's mistreatment of Bonnie is probably the biggest factor in Bonnie's turnout as a mean person.


Little is actually known about Connie and Lonnie's abilities, aside from Connie supposedly being the most intelligent of her sisters -- but as mentioned in Hidden Talent, they must some kind of talent/skills, because Bonnie claimed that her "older sibs" (presumably Connie and Lonnie) had won the MHS-talent show multiple years in a row when they were students at the school.

In Bonding, it's shown that Lonnie's not as smart as she might try to pull off, because when she and Connie corrected Bonnie on Cincinnati not being a country (it's a city in Ohio), she incorrectly called France a city (it's a country in Europe).



It's unknown what kind of relationship Connie and Lonnie have with their parents, as their dad's never seen or mentioned and their mom's only ever seen once in person (and she was shown to be a source of consternation and embarrassment for Bonnie). It's possible the sisters inherited their mean, stuck-up personalities from their father as their mother was shown to be kind, caring and cheerful, or at least Connie and Lonnie might have as Bonnie's not as vicious as them.

Also, since Connie, Bonnie and their mom all have brown hair, it's possible that Lonnie (assuming she's a natural blonde) inherited her hair color from their dad -- if not, then Lonnie could've inherited her hair color from a recessive trait carried by her parents (since blonde hair is recessive to brown hair).


Connie, Lonnie and Bonnie are the only known children in the Rockwaller-family, as it's never mentioned if they have any other siblings outside of each other. Bonnie's dialogue in Hidden Talent would suggest they do, but it's possible that she said "older sibs" instead of "older sisters" as a way to distance herself from Connie and Lonnie.

Connie and Lonnie are obviously much closer to each other than either of them are to Bonnie, especially since, when it comes to their personalities, Connie and Lonnie are essentially the same person in two different bodies. It's unknown if Connie and Lonnie hang out with each other all the time, as they were only seen once together in person.

Kim Possible[]

As mentioned above, Connie and Lonnie aren't just mean and rude to their sister, but to others as well, like Kim, shown when she tried introducing herself to them in Bonding. Near the end of the episode, after Kim and Bonnie had apologized to each other, Kim feels that she has a better understanding of why Bonnie acts the way she does.


  • It's unknown if Connie, Lonnie and Bonnie have any other siblings outside of each other, such having more sisters or having any brothers.
  • While Bonnie's established as being the youngest of the three sisters, it's unknown who's the oldest of the three sisters -- Connie and Lonnie appear to be fairly close in age to each other and they don't appear to be that much older than Bonnie.
    • Since they've (presumably) graduated high school by the events of Hidden Talent and the events of Bonding (presumably) take place during Kim and Bonnie's junior year (when they'd be around 16 or 17), it's possible that Connie and Lonnie were in college at the time (putting them in their late-teens/early-20s). Going off that, Connie and Lonnie could be around three to five years older than Bonnie.